Have you visited Eden?

Did you know there’s a indie retailer dedicated to Romance and Women’s Fiction?

And that they’re offering an unbelievable deal on gift cards through Dec 15?

I’ve mentioned Eden Books a couple of times because I’m not always able to get my pricing and book details updated at the big retailers, but I wanted to take a couple of minutes to share what Eden is really about (and why I love it so much).
Eden Books was created by Robyn Crawford, and is currently the only online bookstore and social media platform dedicated to romance and women’s fiction. The project was born when Robyn watched as online retailers began blocking and banning romance and erotica books, and banning readers from leaving reviews.

Meet Robyn

“Eden Books is dedicated to providing a safe, supportive, inclusive platform that gives authors of all genders, races, ages, or sexual orientation the opportunity to promote and sell their original stories within the romance and women’s fiction genres.”


Eden Books is a platform where I feel comfortable and confident sharing the stories I love to write, knowing that I have full control over my books and pricing.
And it’s great for readers, too!
You don’t have to worry about being locked into a single reading device because Eden offers formats compatible with them all. Plus you can find thousands of books from clean & wholesome to dark and taboo.
It even has its own social media aspect where you can connect with other readers and authors. So, if you’re already a member, or decide to join, don’t forget to send me a friend request.

And whether you’re an existing Eden customer or new to the store, there’s an awesome deal going on right now…

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