Character Profile: Kaylyn Anderson

Main Character: She-Devil

First Appearance: Irrevocable

Hair: dirty blonde, in She-Devil he wears it long and pulled back in a ponytail

Eyes: Dark Green

Age at first appearance: 32

Height: 6′


Residence: He just moved back to Morrow Falls where he’s temporarily living in one of his parents’ rental houses with his nephew, Charlie. 

Education: MS in Criminal Justice

Employment: Detective, Ashville PD

Parents: Father, estranged since early childhood. He and his mother moved to Ashville before Trent started school. As a single mother and a nurse, he spent a lot of time with the Carter family next door. 

Affiliations: Ashville PD

Characteristics: Although Trent cares deeply for his friends, he never got over the loss of his first love, Stephanie Carter, when she succumbed to an infection due to cystic fibrosis as a teenager. Trent has had a string of casual relationships, notably with Libby Thorne who later became his boss. He throws himself into his work and refuses to back down from a case, especially when innocent and vulnerable lives are at risk. He can be crude and blunt at times, but he realizes that nothing in life is perfect and rather than dancing around an issue, he calls it as he sees it. 


Deleted and bonus scenes may contain spoilers. 

The following was a deleted scene that took place after Brooke drugged Trent. 

What in the hell could she possibly want now?

I sat. I waited. But she scowled across the room at something else. Someone else, I realized as I looked over my shoulder. Gavin. Why the fuck does it always have to be Gavin?

I faced the wall again, slumping in my seat. A waitress stopped by with a new drink for Brooke and then waited for my order. I still didn’t want to touch another beer, but I couldn’t exactly order a water, so I asked for a tall lager.

“You know, we have like twenty beers on tap,” Brooke said. “Be adventurous.”

“I’m good,” I snapped. “Now what do you want?”

Brooke cocked her head and took a long, slow drink of beer.

I waited, but she didn’t say a thing.

So, I sat back, and in the dim light, I noticed something different. Her face seemed off, somehow swollen with one eye narrowed. She sure hadn’t seen that last time I’d seen her.

“You wanted to sit,” Brooke finally said. “We’re sitting.”

“Why do I have to do it with you?”

“Don’t you know that most of the men in this room would fight for the chance?” Her expression didn’t change which led me to believe that even if she thought that was true, she wasn’t thrilled by it. More annoyed than anything.

I leaned over the table. “Did you drug them, too?”

She took a deep breath, blowing it out with a feigned smile. “Oh, ego. Maybe you should watch what you drink..”

“You really think I’m going to buy that.”

She drew pack, pulling her drink across the table with her and staring me down over the rim. “You really think this crowd is going to buy that you belong here?”

“Why wouldn’t they? Because I’m not all over you, I don’t have what it takes to be a Devil? Now who’s the cocky one?”

She huffed and her eyes drifted away, focusing in another direction. “No, it’s just what I’ve learned growing up here. Sex. Drugs. Guns. Power. Fighting for one or all of the above. That’s what drives the hive mind and the general consensus for fitting in around here. So, what do you want out of this if not one of the above?”

“Didn’t you figure that out when you drugged me?” What, if anything, does she have on me? I just needed a clue.

Half of her mouth curled up as she stared back at me, with her head tilted to the right. “Oh, wouldn’t you like to know.”

“Maybe you don’t have anything at all,” I challenged. “Because there isn’t anything to know, and that’s why you’re fucking with me.”

“I can look around this room and she what doesn’t belong. It won’t be long before everyone else sees it too.”

She hadn’t even attempted to deny my accusation, so I took that as a potential confirmation. “Really? Is that not the pot calling the kettle black?”

Brooke glared at me, then slammed her glass down, jumped up, and stormed through an employee door at the back.

I should have stayed home.

“What is it with you two?” Sawyer asked, taking the empty seat across from me. He must’ve been watching, and I certainly couldn’t catch a break.

“Oil and water,” I said, closing my eyes for a moment. How was it that one woman—half my size—unnerved me more than any criminal here?

He nodded slowly. “She tends to rub people that way.”

That’s not how she sees it. The waitress finally returned with my drink and a glass of Bourbon beer for Sawyer.

“Gavin’s been trying to tame her for years—he’s not the first, or only—but she’s stubborn.”

“I noticed.” But as his comments really settled in my mind, I thought about what it must be like for a woman who’d not only rose to officer in this world, but had to deal with all the men trying to tame her along the way. I stared down at my beer, knowing the longer I nursed it, the more suspicious I’d be among the rowdy, already inebriated crowd.

“She’s got some great assets though, can’t deny that.” He grinned at me over the rim of his glass, and the glint in his eyes assured me he wasn’t talking about her accounting or bar management abilities.

Did he just..?

He winked as the deep brown liquid sloshed to his lips.

Train for her birthday. Checking out her “assets.” Some father.

“Don’t know why I’d have to tell you though.” He smiled smugly. “She said you two had a good night last weekend. Wouldn’t it be ironic for a Prospect to be the one to put her in her place?”

I raised my glass and nodded, desperately wanting out of the conversation. When she’d first cornered me, I wanted nothing more than to put her in her place after what she’d done, but I was certain that my definition of that differed greatly from Sawyer’s.

Sins of Ashville 6

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